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Watch: The History of Zen Arbitrage
From Zen Arbitrage founder, Peter Valley
The Story of Zen Arbitrage
by Peter Valley
Zen Arbitrage is more than just a soulless "software company." We are real people and real Amazon sellers.

My name is Peter Valley. I’ve been selling books on Amazon since 2007, am "the world's most published author on Amazon selling," and run the website

And in 2015, I pioneered “online book arbitrage” – the practice of buying books on Amazon, and reselling back on Amazon for a profit. (I even wrote the book on it: “Online Book Arbitrage.")

Zen Arbitrage represents the culmination of my work: Turning online book arbitrage into a well-oiled machine that lets you run an Amazon empire from a computer - and make money in your sleep.

Today I work on Zen Arbitrage daily to make it the most profitable online tool there is, insure you make the most amount of money as quickly as possible, and most importantly, to enjoy the freedom that an online business provides.

-Peter Valley

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