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Inside the first, biggest, and best online book arbitrage tool
We are the originators
We started it.
We perfected it.

All attempts to imitate haven't come close.
Biggest database
While other tools boast of "3 million books" - we have over 21 million.

In a side-by-side test, Zen Arbitrage returned over 10x more books than any other tool.

Triple the profit
We offer three ways to profit off online book arbitrage (searching, selling leads, and buying leads).

Other guys? Just one.
Full video tutorial library
Over a dozen videos inside our book arbitrage library help you hit the ground running and making money as quickly as possible.
Exclusive: 6-month average rank
Current rank can be misleading. The only true measure of a book's demand is its average rank.

And only we give it to you.
Exclusive: Textbook Database
We offer the world's only textbook database: curated collection of over 300,000 textbooks.
Live monthly webinars
Join our live monthly webinars where we get together, hang out, answer all questions live, and plan world domination.
Built-in profit calculator
Found out exactly how much money you'll make with a book - before you buy - using our built-in profit calculator.
Find Amazon trade-in value
We display Amazon trade-in value for every book in Amazon's trade-in program.

Want to skip selling altogether? We got you.
Exclusive: Arbitrage marketplace
Access the world's only platform for buying and selling leads on profitable books.

Another Zen Arbitrage exclusive.
"Lead Liquidation"
Find a profitable book, but don't want to buy it wait for it to sell?

List it for sale in our Marketplace - where other sellers will pay you for the ISBN of the books you find. 
Exclusive: "Search Circumvention"
Don't want to take time searching our database?

Skip right to the profit by paying other sellers to access ISBNs they've already found - for pennies on the dollar.
Free: 250+ page arbitrage manual
The virtual bible of online book arbitrage, and the only book of its kind in the world.

Over 250 pages on making the most money with online book arbitrage.
Insane support

We call this insane because in addition to quick email support and a live chat option, you get the personal cell number of our founder.

Text him anytime to get the fast answers your need. (Seriously.)
Exclusive: Run by real Amazon sellers
Sad but true: Founders of other tools only pretend to sell on Amazon in order to sell you things.

We are founded and run by real Amazon sellers with a decade in the  game.
Free access, flexible trial
You get complete access for 5 days - totally free.

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Zero contracts or commitments
No contracts.
No sign up fee.
No strings.
One-click cancellation.

Simple as that.
Nothing to download
Zen Arbitrage is 100% web-based.

Login and access on any device, anywhere there's an internet connection.
Exclusive: Use our prep service partner
Run an entire Amazon empire - without even touching a book.

Our prep service partner will receive and ship books on your behalf, so you can run your empire from a computer anywhere in the world.
Laser-precise search options

Search by number of offers, new or used price, sales rank, Amazon's price, trade in value, book category, title, and lots more.

Our search options are catered to hone in on the most profitable books.
Exclusive: Price drop monitor feature
Our unique price drop alert feature let's create a list of books to monitor.

As soon as the price drops below the price you set, you'll get an email instantly.
Exclusive: Publisher search feature
Yet another way Zen Arbitrage let's you hone in on profitable books like a laser.

Looking for textbooks? We let you enter any publisher name, and only see books from those publishers.
Exclusive: Export results to spreadsheet
Export your searches to a spreadsheet, and slice and dice the data in Excel any way you want.
Personalized support

Unsure what books to buy? Email us any books you're thinking about buying, and we'll give you our  analysis.

We'll tell you if we think you should buy or pass, and why so you can make the most profitable purchases.
Expertly curated database
Other tools add filler to make you think they have a big database, showing you worthless books that have never even sold a single copy.

We filter out the books with zero demand, and just how you the ones that sell.
Full library of webinars
Access an entire library of recorded Zen Arbitrage webinars, where we cover not just using ZA, but every aspect of selling on Amazon.

Get a virtual PhD in Amazon selling.
Part of all sales go to charity
While other tools use affiliate links to line their own pockets, we make sure a portion of every book purchase goes to the charity of your choice using Amazon's Smile program.
Use from anywhere in the world
Using our prep service partner, you use Zen Arbitrage to run an Amazon business from anywhere in the world.
Our "$1k A Month" formula
When you sign up, we'll email you a conservative formula for using Zen Arbitrage to make an extra $1,000 a month.

Adjust upwards or downwards to meet your revenue goals.
Built in analytics tools
To maximize your profits, we offer a full palette of analytics tools.

Compare prices on dozens of sites, link to an items' price history, ISBN search, and more.
Access a data goldmine
In one dashboard, treasure trove of profitable data: sales rank history, lowest prices in used and new, Amazon's price, and so much more.

Everything you need to find the most profitable (and high-demand) books.
A simple step-by-step system
We make everything simple, breaking down the entire process - from searching to profit - in a step-by-system.
Exclusive: "Save search" feature
The highest-earning sellers have their secret list of profitable searches.

When you find a profitable search combo, you save them for future reference using our "Save Search" feature.
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