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"The Weird Supertool I Created To Run An Amazon Business In My Pyjamas From Anywhere In The World."
Buy cheap books on Amazon
Our tool finds cheap books with low (or no) FBA competition.
Resell via
Relist at your higher Fulfillment by Amazon price.
Profit the

Simple as that.
Watch Zen Arbitrage in action.
What is sourcing profitable books & more without leaving your house worth to you?

Here's how it works:

1) Use our software to find low-priced items from other sellers.
2) Identify the ones with a high FBA price. (Or no competition at all.)
3) Buy them at the low price and resell at the high FBA price.

Legal note: Results in video may not be typical. We cannot make claims about how you will use Zen Arbitrage or what your results might be.

(Demonstration of US version)
Live Search: £100 in 3 minutes
Putting our money where our mouth is: A live, unedited search delivering over £100 in expected net profits in just a few minutes.

1. One search.
2. Seven books.
3. Three minutes.
4. Over £100.

Zen Arbitrage makes it as simple as that.

Legal note: Results in video may not be typical. We cannot make claims about how you will use ZA or what your results might be.
(Demonstration of US version)
Buy cheap books (& more) on Amazon.
Resell FBA.
Profit the difference.
The world's first and most powerful book arbitrage tool
We invented it. Then we perfected it.
Yes, you can now source books (&more) from your computer for 100%, 200%, 300% profits (and more).
Sound cool? Read on...
Find your own treasure
Stop fighting over the same stuff as everyone else.
We're not a service that provides a "list" of items to resell. We're a fully searchable database of arbitrage opportunity.
Source from your computer
Sound too good to be true?
Read what our users are saying below...
Be part of an elite tribe
Inner circle access.
Be part of this small rock star group of Amazon sellers who have access to this powerful software.... And source books (& more) in their pajamas.

"I do 95% of my book sourcing online. I've been looking for a software just like this in order to make the process more efficient and profitable.

Zen Arbitrage does exactly that. Over the few days I tested out the software, I purchased over 50 books with healthy margins in a fraction of the time that it normally takes."

-Adam Heroux, Kansas City, MO (USA)

"My first time using the software, I purchased approx $2K worth of books with good ranks for only $120. I expect to profit around $1200 or more! Not bad for 15 minutes of work!"

-Mike Rezendes, Chicago, IL (USA)

"Zen Arbitrage is a game changer.  I always felt there was a way to find books to buy on Amazon to resale via FBA, I just didn't know how to find them efficiently.  

In the past I successfully "hunt and pecked" and found winners, but with this tool I was able to find and buy 50 books in the time I would find one the old way."

Todd E,  McKinney, TX (USA)

Note: Results of users may not be typical. We can not make any claims as to how you will use Zen Arbitrage or what your results will be. 

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Check out this book as an example...
You can buy this textbook right now for one penny (+ postage.)
And as an FBA seller, turn around and sell it for £22.79!
 There are hundreds of thousands of books like this on Amazon, right now.
Ever feel like there aren't enough sources of profitable stuff?

It's a problem that afflicts most Amazon sellers: Too many sellers fighting over the same inventory, at the same few sources.

But the best source might be right under your nose.

Its called Amazon.

And it contains a nearly endless supply of books & DVDs you can resell for a profit.

And by resell, we mean right back on Amazon.

And few people ever think of this.

What if you could have profitable books sent to your door?

What would your business look like if you didn't have to leave the house?

Do you want to keep driving around, hauling inventory from place to place?

Or become a media sourcing magician - making profitable inventory appear at your doorstep?

There has never been a tool to "mine for gold" on Amazon.

With Zen Arbitrage, all that has changed.

What if you could spot  profit hiding inside the world's biggest source?

This is like getting crazy X-ray goggles to spot veins of gold hiding deep inside Amazon.

Sign up below & get unlimited use for 5 days.

If Zen Arbitrage isn't exactly as powerful as we say it is, just cancel and you won't be charged.

If that sounds cool, let's do this...

What is "online book arbitrage"?
Something only known of by a few people... until now.

There is an emerging movement of elite sellers buying items one one site, and reselling on  another.

What few have figured out is you can buy on one site and resell on the same site.

And there's no bigger & better site than Amazon.

Seriously, almost no one is doing this.

And the reason is: No one had the tools to do it right.

Until Zen Arbitrage. Everything has now changed.
You just gave me an awesome idea to make money. I'm going to do it myself without you. Why do I need Zen Arbitrage?
Sure. You could absolutely click around Amazon in a random fashion, hoping to stumble upon arbitrage opportunity. Inefficient & tedious, but you could do it.

There is one giant thing Amazon will not give you: Search options to identify cheap books & DVDs with little-or-no FBA competition.

That's the power of Zen Arbitrage.
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£79 / month, zero risk: Try it free for 5 days.
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 WAIT: That's only one of three ways you'll make money with Zen Arbitrage...
Introducing: Our 3-part "Profit Trifecta"
1. Profit by searching for profitable books

Make money by using Zen Arbitrage to find book gold. 

Bottom line: Our database is over four times bigger than our nearest competitor.

That's over four times the profit potential.

There's no comparison.

Only with Zen Arbitrage
2. Profit by selling ISBNs to other users

Make money without even touching a book. 

Don't want to buy a book and wait for it to sell?

We offer the world's first Book Arbitrage ISBN Marketplace.

List profitable ISBNs you find for sale n the Marketplace- and make money without even touching a book.

Only with Zen Arbitrage
3. Profit without ever searching for a book

Make money off books other users have already found.

Don't want to search for books?

Also in our ISBN Marketplace: Browse for profitable books other users are selling (sorted by profit margin).

Get instant access to hundreds of profitable books without doing a single search.

Only with Zen Arbitrage
And if our exclusive Arbitrage Marketplace seems to good to be true, watch this:
How is all this possible?

The answer lies in the pricing leverage of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). 

People will pay 100%, 300%, to 500% (and more) for FBA offers. 

Forget if this "makes sense". It's a fact.

Why should you source online with Zen Arbitrage?
You feel like other sellers are getting "the good stuff."

The bad news is: They probably are. 

The good news is: There's a lot they're missing. Zen Arbitrage was built to tap into the biggest untapped source in the world: Amazon itself.

Driving around from source to source all day is hard.

Ever feel like a caveman, driving around, sourcing inventory "the old fashioned way"?

We're on the cusp of a revolution in Amazon sourcing: No garage sales, wholesale pallets, or library sales required.

You want to source from bed, a cafe, anywhere.

Of course you do.

All that's missing is a tool to make it possible.

Do I need to be an experienced Amazon seller?
You don't need to ever have sold on Amazon.

You just need to understand one simple idea:  There are a virtually endless supply of products that can be bought at once price, and sold at a higher price.

More specifically: Hundreds of thousands of books & DVDs that can be bought for pennies and resold via Fulfillment by Amazon.
How does Zen Arbitrage find profitable offers?
We do things differently.
There are services selling "lists" of products you can resell on Amazon. There's a problem with that: Every other subscriber is fighting over the same stuff.

We designed Zen Arbitrage totally differently. Instead: We made powerful, web-based software that is searchable.

Think of it as the Google of arbitrage. We give you a dozen search options to quickly find the offers no one else is finding.

How does it work?

Find low-priced offers from other sellers.

We're going to use Zen Arbitrage's hyper-focused search options find cheap offers from other sellers.

Search by price, number of third-party offers, sales rank, and a lot more.

Find the ones with a high FBA price.

And a lot of times: Offers with no FBA competition at all.

Zen Arbitrage streamlines this with 12 powerful filters to hone in on profitable books like a laser.

Buy them at the low price and resell at the high price.

Buy low from third party sellers, sell high via FBA. 

And with Zen Arbitrage, you can do this all day long.

Get full access to Zen Arbitrage.
£79 / month, zero risk: Try it free for 5 days.
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The Zen Arbitrage package: What you're about to get
Unlimited access

As part of the early tribe of Zen Arbitrage users - you're getting full access to the database: No restrictions.

(Have fun being the envy of future users who won't get full access at this price.)

Unlimited purchases

Buy as many books (& more) to flip for a profit as you want. 

Sign up now and we'll never cut off the number of profitable offers we show you. 

Fully searchable

With a dozen search options and countless search combinations, the opportunity to find profitable books (& more) is (almost) as limitless as your creativity.

 Bonus #1: The World's First Arbitrage Marketplace
Zen Exclusive #1:
ISBN Marketplace - Make money w/out searching or even touching a book

A Zen Arbitrage exclusive: The world's first ISBN Marketplace. Here's how it works: 

Option #1: "Lead Liquidation." Don't want to buy a book and wait for it to sell? When you're searching for books in Zen Arbitrage, list the ISBNs of any profitable books you don't buy for sale in the Marketplace. Name your price and other users pay you for them!

Option #2: "Search Circumvention." Don't want to spend time searching? Make money off books other users have searched for, by purchasing ISBNs directly from our Marketplace. Search by net profit, pay, and you're good to go!

 Bonus #2: The World's Only Textbook Database
Zen Exclusive #2:
Our Legendary Textbook Database

That's right: We spent months curating the world's only database of over 300,000 textbooks. 

Collected from thousands of sources, including actual school syllabuses, you can skip right to the cream off the top, and tap into the FBA pricing power of textbooks.

 Bonus: Outsource All Your Listing and Shipping
Never touch a book:
We set you up with a shipping house


Fact is, most fulfillment services won't deal with booksellers. It's even harder to find one that is taking new clients.

We scoured the country to find you a service perfect for online book arbitrage.

We walk you through getting set up with our partner who will receive your books, list them, and ship them. You don't ever have to touch a book. 

It's the perfect automated internet income system.

Bonus #4: We show six-month average sales rank
Zen Exclusive #4:
We show a book's true demand

Any tool that only shows you current sales rank is losing you tons and tons of money. 


The only way to prevent getting stuck with a book that won't sell is to know its 6-month average rank.

Only Zen Arbitrage shows it to you.

Bonus #5: Price Drop Alert Feature
Zen Exclusive #5:
Get instantly alerted to price drops via email

There is no end to the amount of money you can make with this one.

Set up price drop alerts for as many books as you want. As soon as the price drops below the price you set, we'll send you an email instantly.

...and everything else only we offer
More Exclusives:
Over 15 tools and technologies no one else offers
  • Export searches to a spreadsheet.
  • Publisher search option.
  • 250+ page book arbitrage manual (free).
  • "Save search" feature.
  • Full library of tutorials and webinars.

...and tons more.

It's true. We offer 15 things no one else does. Watch:
Live monthly webinars
Zero contracts. One-click cancel.
Built-in analytics tools
Find Amazon trade in

You're not just getting access to software - you're getting access to a community. 

Once a month we're getting together in a live online hangout, where we can share tricks, answer questions, and plot world domination.

We don't play around with trying to lock you into contracts or making you jump through hoops to cancel.

No contracts. 

No commitment.

One-click cancellation.

Never wonder if you're going to get a return on your book investment. We have you covered.

Use links sales rank history and price history, an automated profit calculator, trade-in data, and lots more to pick the most profitable items

Basically free money: Find risk-free arbitrage opportunity by using our trade-in data to get instant Amazon trade credit..

Compare against dozens of other sites, buy at the low price, trade in at the higher price. Done and done.

Get full access to Zen Arbitrage.
£79 / month, zero risk: Try it free for 5 days.
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"I jumped at the chance to try out the Zen Arbitrage software because I knew if it lived up to half its description, it would be just exactly what I've been looking for. 

Well, it did more than that, and I fell in love at first click! I regularly spend many, many hours per week doing "long hand" what Zen Arbitrage accomplishes in a matter of a few seconds.  All that's left for me is a few clicks, and my online book buying is all but done.  

This is what will take my business to the place I've been striving to reach, allowing my family the freedom to travel while earning a very nice income.

In a word, Zen Arbitrage is amazing!"

Sharie Orr, Knoxville, TN (USA)

"I bought 61 books in 3 days of using Zen Arbitrage for a total of $319.26 and stand to make a profit of $1,378.46. Not bad for 3 nights of sitting in front of my computer in my gym shorts and a t-shirt.  

My wife and I are so thrilled we don't have to slug it out at library book sales anymore but can know do all of our sourcing from the comfort of our own home."

Mark C, Des Moines, IA (USA)

"Zen Arbitrage gives you the search options you need to find severely underpriced books.

I understood how to use Zen Arbitrage within five minutes. Within fifteen minutes, I was purchasing books for resale. I expect to sell them each for 10x what I paid.

Buy for $5, sell for $50 - find'em all day, folks.

Zen Arbitrage offers an intuitive way for book resellers to find lowball offers that are ripe for making a profit. Simple as that."

-Chris Barnes, Philadelphia PA (USA)

*Note: Results of users may not be typical. We can not make any claims as to how you will use Zen Arbitrage or what your results will be.

Let's recap the Zen Arbitrage system, in 5 simple steps...
We're the first

As the originators of online book arbitrage, you're in good hands. 

We started it. 

We refined it. 

We perfected it.

We're the realest

No newbies or fake opportunists trying to cash in on the "Amazon craze" here. 

Unlike the rest, Zen Arbitrage is created by real Amazon sellers.

No one else can say that.

We're the biggest

Our book database has over 13 million books - and growing (that's almost the whole book database).

We're the coolest

We give fast, personalized support. No canned answers or customer service outsourced to India. 

Get every question answered, in detail, by a real Amazon seller.

We're here to assist in your success.

Get full access to Zen Arbitrage.
£79 / month, zero risk: Try it free for 5 days.
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